Parents as Partners

St. Cuthbert’s works closely with parents/carers to ensure the best possible care is provided and that the Playgroup remains a key focus within the local community and can serve for many future generations.

We will track your child to show progress.  We will work in partnership with you and your child, if you/we have any concerns about your child’s development or well-being.

Key Person

Your child’s key person or another member of staff are available at the beginning and end of each session for you to talk to.


To support the setting/parent partnership, your child’s Tapestry online ‘Learning Journal’ can also be used to share information between the setting and parents and vice versa, eg.  achievement awards, accident reports, reminders, news from home.


Cuthbert’s Challenge

Our Playgroup teddy bear is sent out weekly with a child. A small challenge is set covering prime areas of learning and development, tailored to your child’s needs.

Termly Meetings

Meeting for parents/carers and your child’s key person are held to compare home and Playgroup observations, to evaluate and work together to identify your child’s next steps.


Regular e-newsletters are emailed out to parents/carers which provide lots of useful information and updates. Please ensure you provide us with up to date email addresses.


We operate a Facebook group which is also used to update parents/carers. This is closely monitored.

Challenge of the Week

St. Cuthbert’s Pre-School Playgroup follows the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme which was introduced by the government as part of the Primary Framework. This approach to phonics teaching paves the way for a systematic reading and writing programme to begin at school.

We have incorporated the six aspects into our termly planning – a different aspect each term.

Term 1 Listening – Environmental sounds
Term 2 Listening – Instrumental sounds
Term 3 Listening – Body percussion
Term 4 Rhythm and Rhyme
Term 5 Alliteration – words that start with the same sound
Term 6 Voice Sounds

We ask parents to spend time with their child each week focusing on a specific task for example; making body noises, singing nursery rhymes, finding loud noises etc. We ask parents to make a note on Tapestry so it can be shared at circle time.