Stephanie, mum to Evie and Poppy

“Both of my children attended Playgroup. It is a supportive and nurturing environment and the staff are all first rate! There is no doubt in my mind that it was the right choice of nursery”.

Melanie, mum to Oliver and Sam

“My oldest son attended St. Cuthbert’s from the age of 2, the dedication, care and attention of the staff helped him grow from a shy 2 year old to a confident 4 year old. The staff put so much time and effort to ensure the children have a variety of activities that are stimulating, educational, but most of all fun and fantastic. The recent outstanding status awarded by Ofsted is testament to all the hard work and dedication shown by all the staff.   My youngest son has attended for the last 6 months and I am confident the start of his early years education is in the best possible place”.

Sonia, mum to Harry and Jacob

“We moved to the village last year (2014) and I enrolled my boys into St. Cuthbert’s, the staff are welcoming and what I found so different from my boys other nursery setting is the level of care, individual and unique attention the staff give each and every child, the staff identify areas to improve and work on, assist and encourage learning both inside and out of the pre-school. I would highly recommend St. Cuthbert’s, it’s no wonder why this is an Ofsted Outstanding Pre-School”

Caroline, mum to Flynn

“I could not have wished for a better start to my son’s education. St. Cuthbert’s Pre-School offered everything he needed from creativity to learning, challenge to encouragement and all with plenty of love and care added in”.

Keely,  mum to Adam and Hannah

“St. Cuthbert’s was the best start I could have wished for for my two kids. The care and attention they were given by the staff made their transition to school seamless. I can’t praise St. Cuthbert’s enough”.